About how long does shipping take?

Our shipping is done with FedEx Ground. Check this chart for estimated shipping time.

What type of art files do you accept?

All files must be vector format, or 300 dpi or higher. Preferred file types are .PSD, .EPS, .PDF & .AI. If your submitting Adobe Illustrator files, please make sure all text is converted to outlines on a solid or negative background. Send art files to skylineprinting@gmail.com or your sales rep.

What if I don’t have artwork?

We offer in-house graphic design that includes one design and one revision, otherwise you could incur a design fee based on the complexity of the design.

What is your average turn around time?

Our average turnaround time is 7-10 business days (Mon – Fri) plus shipping time. This is not guaranteed. If you pay for an order after 4:00 pm, your order will not be processed until the following business day. Adding additional finishing to your order may extend your turn around time. Turnaround time starts once we have received finalized artwork, sizes and quantities and mockups have been approved.

What are your order minimums?

Our order minimum is 25 pieces per design initially. Orders between 25-48 pieces have a maximum of 4 colors per design. Orders of 49 pieces or more have a maximum of 6 colors. The minimum for reorders is 12 pieces and will be priced according to the respective quantity bracket.

What are your standard print sizes?

Standard Screen Size: Up to 14″ x 17″
Note: Artwork size stays the same throughout your entire order. Screen sizes do not increase for each garment size.

What are the safe / printable areas on a t-shirt?

Please note that not all shirts will be sewn exactly the same; these dimensions are to be used for reference as a “safe” zone to avoid printing on any seams or edges.

  • Youth Small: 13” W x 13” H
  • Youth Medium: 13” W x 16” H
  • Youth Large: 14” W x 17” H
  • Unisex Extra Small: 12” W x 17” H
  • Unisex Small – 5XL: 14” W x 17” H
  • Girls Small – 11” W x 17” H
  • Girls Medium – 12” W x 17” H
  • Girls Large – 12” W x 17” H
  • Girls Extra Large – 12” W x 17” H

Note: Any print that goes over a seam can result in imperfections in the print.

Do you offer brands and items that are not posted on your price chart?

We can get just about anything you need. If you do not see the item you want on the price chart, please send an e-mail to skylineprinting@gmail.com and ask for pricing.

Can I get 100 t-shirts with two separate designs?

You can, but it would have to be priced as two separate 50 piece orders.

Can I choose different items, sizes, and colors in the same order? What about styles?

Sure. You can do all sorts of different colors and sizes with your order as long as the printed ink color stays the same. You can also mix different items as long as the print size is the same. If you decide to change the color of the ink, there will be an Ink Change Fee of $15 per ink color changed. Customer is only allowed one ink change per 25 items sold.

I’m missing a few shirts, what happened?

All orders can have up to 5% under run. Some shirts could be damaged during printing. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% of the garments in your order. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility. We always strive to give you everything you ordered, however, if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference.

I found something wrong with my order! What do I do?

If something is wrong with your order, please contact us within 48 business hours of receiving your order. If we have made an error in any way we will take care of you! If your shirts are delivered Friday at noon, you need to let us know by the following Tuesday at noon.

I need my order fast! Do you do rush orders?

We do offer rush orders. Each rush order will be custom quoted. Email skylineprinting@gmail.com or your current sales rep.

My band is on tour right now. Can you ship my order to the venue?

For sure! Just let us know the most convenient place for you to pick-up and we will ship it there.

What is a screen?

A screen is used for each color ink used on a garment. (ex. 3 Color Art = 3 Screens) You receive Free Screens on all orders of 48 pieces or more.

When I place my order, do I have to pay in full up front?

We only require a 50% deposit of the total order price of orders over $250. The other 50% must be paid before your order can be shipped. You do have the option to pay in full if that is easier for you. Orders under $250 must be paid in full before your order will be processed.

What if I’m paying by purchase order?

No problem! All we need is a PDF of the approved PO in order to begin processing your order.